Curly Dream Cowashing

Innovative formula that combines the washing action of a shampoo together with pleasant conditioning treatments. It helps to increase hair manageability with a visible purifying action.

Curly Dream Cowashing2022-10-21T16:10:41+02:00

Grooming Beard Balm

Cuddle your beard with this balm, a non-greasy, quickly absorbed formulation with softening and moisturizing properties. This ultra-nourishing formulation fights dryness, flaking and itching giving you a perfect appearance and making you feel in the best shape.

Grooming Beard Balm2020-10-22T10:57:42+02:00

Curl defining cream

A styling and conditioning product for all curl types that activates and defines curls while fighting frizz. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a generous amount to damp hair, then dry.

Curl defining cream2019-08-06T16:14:10+02:00

Extreme hair gel

This alcohol-free hair gel is ideal for very structured hair styles and holds all day long.

Extreme hair gel2019-08-06T18:18:21+02:00

Styling and conditioning cream

This lightweight styling cream is great for keeping your hair in place with a more natural look, adding definition with a soft hold. Apply to damp or dry hair.

Styling and conditioning cream2019-08-06T18:21:43+02:00

Beard wax

This wax will keep your beard in perfect shape, providing a tidy and unique look. Take a small amount of product by scraping it with your thumbnail, place it on the hand palm and melt it by rubbing it with your index finger and then apply the wax with gentle massage.

Beard wax2019-08-06T16:33:22+02:00

Glossy hair wax

This hair wax is designed to impart glossy finish and to fix your hair into the look you desire. Best applied to dry hair by massaging the desired amount into hand palms and work through hair.

Glossy hair wax2019-08-06T16:36:18+02:00

Under control hair wax

If your hair tends to get frizzy or dull throughout the day, control it with this hair wax before you head out. Designed to impart glossy finish and to fix your hair into the desired look.

Under control hair wax2019-08-06T16:36:39+02:00

Wax styling paste

This alcohol-free wax is designed to impart exceptional hair styling look. A paste with light tacky and evanescent sensation allows flexible shaping and shiny appearance.

Wax styling paste2019-08-06T16:38:11+02:00

Extreme bond styling wax

This styling wax guarantees perfect hold, smoothness, hair shine and provides an enjoyable sensorial experience. Long lasting effect for a perfect look.

Extreme bond styling wax2019-08-06T16:39:01+02:00