Don’t despair, repair your hair

A nourishing daily conditioner that keeps hair smooth and shiny and replenishes your scalp. An infusion of softness, and manageability for your hair.

Don’t despair, repair your hair2021-01-27T15:31:08+01:00

Creamy silk conditioner

This luxurious conditioner detangles and helps restore a healthy look to hair, leaving it smooth and shiny without weighing it down.

Creamy silk conditioner2019-08-06T18:19:25+02:00

Perfect hair day conditioner

A nourishing, weightless conditioner that helps delivering beautiful healthy looking hair by improving its appearance over time.

Perfect hair day conditioner2019-08-06T16:19:48+02:00

Protective hair conditioner

This hydrating and protective conditioner will bring your hair back to life as it restores moisture to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. It leaves hair smooth and soft while keeping it healthy even after drying.

Protective hair conditioner2019-08-07T09:15:57+02:00

Repairing leave-on conditioner

Light spray leave-on conditioner that instantly detangles while hydrating dry or damaged hair, leaving it soft and supple. Especially indicated for brittle hair, it confers intense moisture and repair. Apply preferably on wet hair.

Repairing leave-on conditioner2019-08-06T16:40:44+02:00
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