Ultra-Mild Cleansing Cream

An efficient and invigorating face and body cleanser that washes away impurities and leaves skin soft. An ultra-mild formula that respects skin ecosystem.

Ultra-Mild Cleansing Cream2022-10-21T16:34:16+02:00

Thick cleanser oil

Delicate cleanser with an innovative and multifunctional gel-oil texture, that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, by removing make-up and impurities. Enriched with active ingredients and plant extracts that also perform a powerful elasticizing and antioxidant action.

Thick cleanser oil2021-07-20T16:45:04+02:00

Clean me balm

A cleansing balm, ideal for effectively removing make-up from face and eye contour, even the most resistant one. Very delicate, it has a buttery consistency that melts in contact with the skin, turning into an oil with a velvety touch.

Clean me balm2021-07-20T16:42:13+02:00

Nourishing cleansing butter

A transformational makeup remover that goes from balm to oil to milk. Ideal to melt away every trace of eye and face makeup. How to use: use fingertips to massage balm over dry skin. Rinse well with warm water.

Nourishing cleansing butter2021-01-27T15:33:15+01:00

Soothing cleansing milk

Soothing Cleansing Milk removes dirt and make-up and can be used as a daily cleanser. Particularly indicated for sensitive skin, it maintains its natural protective layer.

Soothing cleansing milk2021-01-27T15:26:24+01:00

Silky cleansing oil

This silky cleanser will quickly and effectively remove make up, leaving skin clean, refreshed and clear of impurities.

Silky cleansing oil2019-10-22T10:14:38+02:00

Mild facial cleansing cream

This mild facial cleansing cream removes dead skin cells with delicate, exfoliating biodegradable scrub. With lenitive and soothing ingredients, it is recommended for delicate skin.

Mild facial cleansing cream2021-01-27T15:17:37+01:00

Man cleansing cream

This delicate face cream gently cleanses, respects sensitive man's skin and helps reinforce the skin's natural elasticity.

Man cleansing cream2019-10-23T10:51:07+02:00

Deep cleansing cream

This soft exfoliating cream deeply cleanses and revitalizes your skin, providing a smoother, softer and brighter skin.

Deep cleansing cream2019-10-22T11:00:07+02:00

Purifying micellar water

This purifying micellar water gently cleanses the skin by eliminating impurities and sebum excess while leaving a clean and fresh feeling. Particularly indicated for oily and sensitive skin.

Purifying micellar water2020-02-06T17:39:50+01:00