Air on hair

A lightweight, precious hair oil treatment for fine hair that controls frizz and promotes shine.

Air on hair2021-12-17T11:09:38+01:00

Diamond hair serum

A precious serum that helps hair look thicker, stronger and hydrated. To be used before styling without rinsing.

Diamond hair serum2021-12-17T11:07:08+01:00

Essence hair oil

An oil for all types of dull hair looking for shine. It is designed to bring deep nourishment and soft protection, improving hair brightness.

Essence hair oil2021-03-31T09:18:35+02:00

Nourishing hair elixir

This natural product in drops will leave your hair soft and beautiful. It’s the perfect aid for glossy and well-hydrated hair. You can apply it both on wet and dry hair.

Nourishing hair elixir2019-12-05T15:22:16+01:00

Stimulating scalp boost

The secret of your beautiful hair starts from the health of the roots. Using this booster after the shampoo ritual to discover how the scalp could appear protect.

Stimulating scalp boost2019-11-18T12:13:13+01:00

Don’t despair, repair your hair

A nourishing daily conditioner that keeps hair smooth and shiny and replenishes your scalp. An infusion of softness, and manageability for your hair.

Don’t despair, repair your hair2021-01-27T15:31:08+01:00

Low shampoo

Let yourself be surprised by this new shampooing formula which does not foam! It protects hair integrity leaving it silky and soft, visibly more beautiful. Apply on wet hair, spread the product with your fingers from the roots to the ends, rub gently, then rinse thoroughly.

Low shampoo2019-08-06T16:05:18+02:00

Hair & scalp detox shampoo scrub

Innovative shampoo containing delicate and biodegradable exfoliants to help removing dead skin cells for a smoother and clearer scalp. The result is healthy and radiant hair.

Hair & scalp detox shampoo scrub2019-08-06T16:06:23+02:00

Revitalizing hair spray

A style and finishing fresh spray lotion to improve hair softness and hydration while performing a toning and strengthening action. Use it both on wet or dry hair.

Revitalizing hair spray2019-08-06T18:20:26+02:00

Pre-shampoo natural hair oil

This treatment can be used before your haircare ritual, left on overnight or massaged into dry ends, making your hair stronger, smoother and softer. Apply from roots to ends. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes and rinse with your usual shampoo.

Pre-shampoo natural hair oil2019-09-05T09:21:53+02:00