Perfect skin mask

An overnight, moisture-recharging creamy mask able to rebalance skin microbiota and deeply hydrate by giving relief to skin ecosystem.

Perfect skin mask2021-12-17T11:52:47+01:00

Eyebrows tattoo balm

Cuddle your eyebrows after brows tattoo with this ultra-nourishing balm. A non-greasy, quickly absorbed formulation that softens and moisturizes the hair, by fighting dryness, flaking and itching.

Eyebrows tattoo balm2021-12-17T11:41:13+01:00

Glowing eye gel

A precious eye gel with a light texture that visibly improves the appearance of skin elasticity around the eyes while leaving it dramatically smoother, tighter and brighter.

Glowing eye gel2021-12-17T11:25:38+01:00

Lenitive baby butter

Formula that helps to restore skin to its natural balance of the skin's lipid barrier, even in sensitive or compromised skin. It takes care of dry and easily irritated skin of the little babies, nourishing it deeply.

Lenitive baby butter2021-09-07T11:44:09+02:00

Mediterranean toning solution

Renew and revitalize the face with the invigorating solution with 7% glycolic acid and a pool of Mediterranean extracts that offers mild exfoliation for improved skin radiance.

Mediterranean toning solution2021-07-20T17:14:32+02:00

Veil matt primer

An ideal potion that blurs the look of pores and fine lines and helps fight shine all day. With a soft and ultra-light texture and high-level mattifying properties, it is the perfect base before make-up.

Veil matt primer2021-07-20T18:21:15+02:00

Lip & cheeks blush

A creamy blush for nourished and colorful cheeks and lips. It melts instantly on the skin for a touch of intense color, or buildable for a natural finish. No greasy feeling with this ultra light, smooth and velvety texture.

Lip & cheeks blush2021-07-20T16:25:38+02:00

Strong mint mouthwash

A mouth rinse that combats tooth decay, bacteria and plaque, while delivering a minty-fresh sensation without stripping or irritating your teeth and gums. Use as part of your daily oral care routine.

Strong mint mouthwash2021-05-25T15:17:23+02:00

Mint hydrating toothpaste

A refreshing, creamy toothpaste that keeps your mouth clean while delivering deep protection and hydration. Use as part of your daily oral care routine.

Mint hydrating toothpaste2021-05-25T15:11:53+02:00

After shave gel

A post shave treatment that immediately soothes irritated skin and provides nourishment and lasting relief from razor burn.

After shave gel2021-05-11T15:56:12+02:00