Black cherry ritual body cream

A daily body ritual cream that combines the effectiveness of an exclusive pool of active ingredients with the pleasure of a rich, super-absorbable and exceptionally smooth texture. The special technology (reverse emulsion) makes this cream easy to apply, while the precious, soft and velvety texture nourishes the skin.

Black cherry ritual body cream2021-12-17T11:14:31+01:00

Slim body lotion

An easy-to-apply light lotion that is immediately absorbed by the skin, giving deep hydration. Thanks to its properties, it could be used as a cosmetic treatment that counteracts the cellulite-derived skin imperfections.

Slim body lotion2021-09-07T11:37:01+02:00

Cherry Body Butter

An ultra-hydrating body butter whipped to lightweight. A silky smooth perfection to soften, replenish, and revitalize skin.

Cherry Body Butter2020-10-22T10:37:36+02:00

Hydra Slim Water

An active moisturizing water to hydrate and tone the legs, with a fresh effect. A water bomb that regenerates your tired or heavy legs.

Hydra Slim Water2020-10-22T10:10:11+02:00

Heavy Leg Spray

Refreshing and regenerating formulation for tired legs. A spray that improves body slimming effect and overall skin elasticity and microcirculation. A faster and more effective solution for an immediate and pleasant well-being.

Heavy Leg Spray2020-06-11T10:52:53+02:00

Body Cream

A weightless hydrating body lotion that absorbs quickly for continuous soothing moisture and an instant satin finish.

Body Cream2020-02-25T17:34:04+01:00

Slim my body

A body cream to help visibly contour, firm and smooth the appearance of stubborn curves for a more toned, defined, streamlined look.

Slim my body2023-01-03T11:03:23+01:00