Lipbalm mask

A lip balm that evolves into a precious leave-on mask that acts by deeply nourishing and plumping the lips. A real cosmetic treatment, the answer to all the needs of the lips, to smile from the first light of the morning

Lipbalm mask2022-06-16T09:09:36+02:00

Super Supreme Butter

A concentrated body butter, infused with Mediterranean botanical extracts, that absorbs quickly without leaving behind a greasy feel, promising to turn dry, dehydrated skin into beautifully soft, supple skin from head to toe.

Super Supreme Butter2021-04-19T18:00:17+02:00

Glossy Lip Treatment

Natural lip treatment able to guarantee absolute comfort, brilliance and a full volume effect. Formula enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate and Shea Butter for deep hydration all day long.

Glossy Lip Treatment2020-10-22T10:13:17+02:00

2-in-1 eye and face serum

This one-step face and eye moisturizer provides high hydration. Skin feels soft and delicately scented. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly without leaving residue on the face.

2-in-1 eye and face serum2021-01-27T15:35:19+01:00

Green Lip Glow

A natural gloss with a cushiony texture and moisturizing properties. It leaves lips soft, smooth, and anything but sticky. It covers the lips with shine, reflecting the light for a more plumped appearance.

Green Lip Glow2020-10-22T09:44:58+02:00

Heavy Leg Spray

Refreshing and regenerating formulation for tired legs. A spray that improves body slimming effect and overall skin elasticity and microcirculation. A faster and more effective solution for an immediate and pleasant well-being.

Heavy Leg Spray2020-06-11T10:52:53+02:00

Revitalizing Eyes

A fresh spray designed for eyelid area irritation caused by dry eyes. This formula improves the elasticity of this delicate area giving a cool feeling.

Revitalizing Eyes2020-06-11T10:40:21+02:00

Slim my body

A body cream to help visibly contour, firm and smooth the appearance of stubborn curves for a more toned, defined, streamlined look.

Slim my body2021-01-27T15:32:14+01:00

Youth activator serum

This is the perfect serum for dry, stressed and mature skins. The unique formula contains innovative ingredients to hydrate and to reveal your natural beauty, jumping back in your youthness.

Youth activator serum2019-10-22T10:32:00+02:00

Oily serum

This oily serum, with a blend of skin nourishing oils give an instant and intense hydrating boost to the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and boosts elasticity for a rejuvenated looking complexion. Provides 24 hour hydration, leaving skin smooth and soft.

Oily serum2019-10-22T10:02:04+02:00