Re-balance Cream

A recovery cream that minimizes aging signs for more youthful, rested-looking skin. A pleasant lightweight texture for a daily beauty regimen.

Re-balance Cream2021-04-13T11:57:57+02:00

Refresh your body

Body spray that energizes, refreshes and leaves a soft and silky skin feel. Thanks to its microbiota-friendly components, it gives an immediate and lasting sensation of relief and freshness.

Refresh your body2021-04-13T11:46:39+02:00

Foot cream

A refreshing foot cream with natural oils and natural extracts. Apply to feet and ankles by gently massaging it for a regenerating effect.

Foot cream2020-02-25T16:32:26+01:00

Hands up

A protective cream which provides hydration for a softer and smoother hands. Redness and irritations are soothed as skin becomes more resistant to environmental aggressors.

Hands up2020-12-10T17:15:57+01:00

Hydrating and purifying clay mask

This mask purifies the skin, minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections . The creamy clay is transformed into a fine foam when rinsed to gentlye liminate impurities. The skin looks velvety and hydrated.

Hydrating and purifying clay mask2021-01-27T15:32:45+01:00

One minute hand scrub

This exfoliant hand cream is perfect to gently eliminate dead skin cells. Your hands are left incredibly soft and the nail area becomes perfectly neat.

One minute hand scrub2021-01-27T15:21:47+01:00

Ultimate moisture serum

This is an intense moisture serum which revitalizes tired and thirsty skin. The unique formula contains ultimate ingredients to hydrate your skin while diminishing the signs of stress.

Ultimate moisture serum2021-01-27T15:30:06+01:00

Redensifying whitening cream

This luxurious whitening cream provides a uniform and clear tone to the skin, preventing the formation of new melanin spots. It quickly infuses your skin with Ceramides, leaving skin softer and firmer, with a restructured appearance.

Redensifying whitening cream2019-10-22T10:11:09+02:00

Moisture recharge cream

A multi-action moisturizer and revitalizer that counteracts signs of daytime damage and delivers intensive hydrating benefits to skin. Restores softness, smoothness leaving your skin healthy and hydrated.

Moisture recharge cream2019-10-22T09:51:22+02:00

Love my imperfection concealer

This creamy concealer stick magically vanishes under eye circles and dark spots. The enduring formula helps the skin becoming more uniform.

Love my imperfection concealer2019-10-22T10:44:50+02:00