Give me the glow

Light up your complexion with a pure radiance with a golden veil thanks to the silky loose powder formula, targeting the skin ecosystem well-being. The perfect custom highlight that can be used anywhere.

Give me the glow2021-09-16T15:54:39+02:00

Hand defense cream

This hand cream gives immediate relief and protection to extremely dry or chapped hands. Even in the most extreme conditions, it leaves your hands visibly softer and smoother.

Hand defense cream2021-09-07T11:31:35+02:00

Silver crystal deodorant

A deodorant formulated as weightless emulgel with a gentle scent. A very soft deodorant that combats odor and provides nourishment and lenitive effect. Enriched with Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer for a pleasant hydrating effect.

Silver crystal deodorant2021-05-11T16:02:04+02:00

After shave gel

A post shave treatment that immediately soothes irritated skin and provides nourishment and lasting relief from razor burn.

After shave gel2021-05-11T15:56:12+02:00

Re-balance Cream

A recovery cream that minimizes aging signs for more youthful, rested-looking skin. A pleasant lightweight texture for a daily beauty regimen.

Re-balance Cream2021-04-13T11:57:57+02:00

Refresh your body

Body spray that energizes, refreshes and leaves a soft and silky skin feel. Thanks to its microbiota-friendly components, it gives an immediate and lasting sensation of relief and freshness.

Refresh your body2021-04-13T11:46:39+02:00

Hydra Bomb Body Cream

Rich and creamy texture envelops the driest skin with a hydration by giving relief and generates a feeling of well-being. The skin is soft, relaxed and regain its natural balance.

Hydra Bomb Body Cream2021-01-27T15:36:07+01:00

Turbo Body Cream

A milk-cream, with ultra-light texture and ultra-rich hydration effect, that prepares the skin for sunlight exposure. Ideal as a body cream for dry skin, without weighing it down.

Turbo Body Cream2023-07-26T09:50:13+02:00

Body Cream

A weightless hydrating body lotion that absorbs quickly for continuous soothing moisture and an instant satin finish.

Body Cream2020-02-25T17:34:04+01:00

The renewal oil

A wonder-working luxury facial oil to deeply moisturize, nourish, soothe and rejuvenate your skin while restoring your natural glow.

The renewal oil2023-01-03T11:03:26+01:00