Instant reset overnight cream

A lightweight night cream powered by natural actives that helps skin recover overnight for a more youthful look by morning.

Instant reset overnight cream2021-03-31T09:41:18+02:00

Air butter

A pleasant butter with an ultra-light texture designed for mature and dry skin that needs daily and deep hydration. It protects, nourishes and illuminates the face, like a daily beauty gesture.

Air butter2021-03-31T09:32:25+02:00

Pury Action Mask

Mask designed to instantly eliminate impurities and toxins, tighten pores, renew and refine skin texture, even out, purify stressed skin. The deep cleanser, based on green clay, suitable for all skin types. How to use: Apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove with warm water.

Pury Action Mask2020-12-10T17:13:52+01:00

Hydra Slim Water

An active moisturizing water to hydrate and tone the legs, with a fresh effect. A water bomb that regenerates your tired or heavy legs.

Hydra Slim Water2020-10-22T10:10:11+02:00

Heavy Leg Spray

Refreshing and regenerating formulation for tired legs. A spray that improves body slimming effect and overall skin elasticity and microcirculation. A faster and more effective solution for an immediate and pleasant well-being.

Heavy Leg Spray2020-06-11T10:52:53+02:00

Revitalizing Eyes

A fresh spray designed for eyelid area irritation caused by dry eyes. This formula improves the elasticity of this delicate area giving a cool feeling.

Revitalizing Eyes2020-06-11T10:40:21+02:00

Body Cream

A weightless hydrating body lotion that absorbs quickly for continuous soothing moisture and an instant satin finish.

Body Cream2020-02-25T17:34:04+01:00

Rich argan body butter

Rich body butter targeting dry skin, to deliver softness and deep nourishment to your body. An instant absorption for a long lasting comfort.

Rich argan body butter2019-10-29T16:02:07+01:00

Perfect shape cream

This slimming cream minimizes the signs of cellulite. It has a fluid-release action that enhances the skin’s beauty and increases the appearance of firmness.

Perfect shape cream2021-01-27T15:22:46+01:00

After sun restorative body milk

A lightweight, soothing and restorative body milk that enhances and extends your sunkissed glow while nourishing and hydrating skin

After sun restorative body milk2019-08-07T10:20:23+02:00