Skin Perfectionist Serum

A face emulgel to improve skin hydration. It also helps hyper pigmented skin to retrieve its natural radiance thanks to a lightening activity.

Skin Perfectionist Serum2022-10-21T16:17:41+02:00

Radiance serum

A fast-absorbing serum for all skin types that hydrates, visibly strengthens, and defends against daily damages while boosting moisturizing effects

Radiance serum2022-08-30T16:32:37+02:00

Glowing eye gel

A precious eye gel with a light texture that visibly improves the appearance of skin elasticity around the eyes while leaving it dramatically smoother, tighter and brighter.

Glowing eye gel2021-12-17T11:25:38+01:00

Cherry Body Butter

An ultra-hydrating body butter whipped to lightweight. A silky smooth perfection to soften, replenish, and revitalize skin.

Cherry Body Butter2020-10-22T10:37:36+02:00

Hydra illuminating sorbet cream

This ultra-fresh hydrating moisturizer is infused with natural ingredients to nurture the skin, support its natural moisturizing ability, and reinforce balance. The sorbet créme-gel texture offers a breathtaking refreshing effect, invigorating skin with long-lasting hydration.

Hydra illuminating sorbet cream2021-02-10T17:48:56+01:00

Every man face scrub

Ideal to cleanse the skin and eliminate devitalized cells and impurities with a single gesture. Its gel texture contains microparticles that exfoliate the epidermis. Its ultra-sweet formula respects the skin making it revitalized, soft and radiant.

Every man face scrub2020-02-25T16:41:09+01:00

Prepare my skin

A triple efficacy light cream. With a surprising touch and an easy absorption, it improves skin barrier giving illuminating effects and visibly reduces aging signs that a weakened barrier can accentuate.

Prepare my skin2021-01-27T09:58:01+01:00

Mega bright cream SPF15

This cream visibly helps diminishing dark spots and discolorations while restoring clarity and brightness to dull, uneven skin. SPF 15 blocks UV damage to help prevent future spots from forming and leaves skin looking luminous.

Mega bright cream SPF152023-01-03T11:03:07+01:00

Bouncy foundation

A weightless, liquid foundation with a velveteen-matte finish effect that offers you the radiance of a perfect skin. Dedicated to mature skin to minimize aging spots.

Bouncy foundation2023-01-03T11:03:30+01:00