Micro-exfoliating Shampoo

Formulated with mild surfactants and biodegradable alternative to microplatics in rinse-off, this shampoo is enriched with high-technological ingredients designed to protect and improve of scalp health.

Micro-exfoliating Shampoo2022-10-21T16:14:34+02:00

Biotic hand cream

A luxurious hand balm formulated to provide intense nourishment and a protective film for extra-dry skin. Your daily relief treatment to strengthen skin barrier.

Biotic hand cream2021-09-16T16:05:45+02:00

Pure power man scrub

A refreshing, exfoliating scrub ideal for pre-shave treatment that leaves skin soft, smooth, and healthy-looking.

Pure power man scrub2021-05-11T15:59:29+02:00

Green apple gently scrub

This facial cleanser is a quick way to incorporate scrub into your beauty daily routine. Its jelly texture gently exfoliates the skin and eliminates excess sebum and impurities, preserving skin hydration and balance.

Green apple gently scrub2021-03-31T09:27:10+02:00

Every man face scrub

Ideal to cleanse the skin and eliminate devitalized cells and impurities with a single gesture. Its gel texture contains microparticles that exfoliate the epidermis. Its ultra-sweet formula respects the skin making it revitalized, soft and radiant.

Every man face scrub2020-02-25T16:41:09+01:00

Exfoliating face mask

This exfoliant face cream is perfect to gently eliminate dead skin cells. Your face is left incredibly soft and ready for the morning routine.

Exfoliating face mask2021-01-27T15:34:18+01:00

Lip scrub balm

Get your lips ready for action with this lip scrub. Lips feel smooth, soft and conditioned. It’s gentle enough to use weekly, or whenever the mood strikes.

Lip scrub balm2023-01-03T11:03:19+01:00

Hair & scalp detox shampoo scrub

Innovative shampoo containing delicate and biodegradable exfoliants to help removing dead skin cells for a smoother and clearer scalp. The result is healthy and radiant hair.

Hair & scalp detox shampoo scrub2023-01-03T11:03:32+01:00

Pre-shampoo scrub

This pre-shampoo scrub exerts purifying action against scalp impurities. On wet hair, before shampooing, apply the purifying scrub onto the scalp, until entirely covered. Gently massage the scalp for 1 minute before rinsing thoroughly. Usage not recommended on sensitive scalp.

Pre-shampoo scrub2023-01-03T11:03:33+01:00