Cristal eyeshadow

An exclusive eyeshadow that creates a spotlight effect on the eyes, by providing a translucent wash of shimmer.

Cristal eyeshadow2021-07-20T16:29:45+02:00

Full coverage stick

Minimize, retouch and contour with a single product. Its smooth texture melts gently on the skin, does not settle in wrinkles and ensures a buildable coverage, for an impalpable finish.

Full coverage stick2021-04-12T10:55:09+02:00

The classic lipstick

Intense color for a creamy and comfortable texture, that gives deep hydration to the lips.

The classic lipstick2021-04-12T10:54:34+02:00

Lip Hydro Plump Treatment

A powerful moisturizing lip treatment designed to save dry and chapped lips for a soft, hydrated, and kissable effect. Something to rely on daily.

Lip Hydro Plump Treatment2020-06-16T11:18:47+02:00

Kiss my lips

The velvety smooth lip balm is claimed to condition, moisturize and protect your lips keep them soft ready to kiss.

Kiss my lips2020-02-13T16:51:13+01:00

Nourishing lipstick

This nourishing lipstick brings softness and healthy looking to the lips and provides long-lasting hydration. Lips are cared and protected.

Nourishing lipstick2019-10-22T09:58:16+02:00

Pink inspiration

Thanks to this pastel lipstick, your lips will be moisturized and nourished while being ready for tons of kisses.

Pink inspiration2019-10-22T10:49:54+02:00

Fuchsia inspiration

Show-off your beautiful smile with this easy-to-wear formula. Lips will look brilliant and moisturized ensuring also optimal comfort.

Fuchsia inspiration2019-10-22T10:39:36+02:00

Blush me

Cream blush designed to impart “bonne mine” effect. A rich texture for a natural finish with buildable intensity.Multiple application for lips and cheeks.

Blush me2019-10-22T10:38:33+02:00

Natural lip balm

This hydrating balm keeps your lips soft, comfortable with a great look.

Natural lip balm2019-08-26T09:04:35+02:00