Matt eyeshadow

Fulfill intense matt finish with a soft touch. The formula delivers high-pigment, ultra-velvety and supercharged colors. It contains the first of its kind eco-friendly biodegradable texturizer for sustainable daily make-up.

Matt eyeshadow2021-07-20T16:04:20+02:00

Blur and go stick

A stick with a dry and light texture that blurs the look of pores while imparting a smoother, matte finish for a second-skin effect that harmonizes the complexion for a long time. A universal shade suitable for men and women

Blur and go stick2021-04-13T12:04:52+02:00

All over glow

A magnetized makeup with a creamy and weightless texture for a long-wear shimmer formula to highlight skin complexion.

All over glow2021-04-13T11:50:45+02:00

Tutti frutti fix make-up

Perfect for giving a shiny skin finish, it leaves skin glowing with subtle shimmer particles. The spray can be used alone for a natural dewy glow, or over makeup for a sparkling touch.

Tutti frutti fix make-up2021-04-13T11:42:04+02:00

Shimmer eyeshadow

Bring bling to eyes with this long-wearing, high-performance glitter powder that produces maximum impact. Don't be shy, reveal your shine!

Shimmer eyeshadow2021-04-13T11:22:53+02:00

Full coverage stick

Minimize, retouch and contour with a single product. Its smooth texture melts gently on the skin, does not settle in wrinkles and ensures a buildable coverage, for an impalpable finish.

Full coverage stick2021-04-12T10:55:09+02:00

Kiss my lips

The velvety smooth lip balm is claimed to condition, moisturize and protect your lips keep them soft ready to kiss.

Kiss my lips2020-02-13T16:51:13+01:00

Passion metallic lipstick

This velvety, metallic burgundy formula glides on smooth and long-lasts for hours. Rock in with your fashionable metallic look.

Passion metallic lipstick2023-01-03T11:03:30+01:00