Biphasic Scalp Treatment

A light serum that nourishes and soothes an itchy, irritated or dehydrated scalp with a pool of microbiota-friendly compounds able to relieve from external aggressions.

Biphasic Scalp Treatment2022-11-22T16:00:36+01:00

Clear Baby Shampoo

Delicate shampoo ideal for baby hair cleansing. Thanks to a lenitive ingredient inside, the formula is designed also to perfectly soften and nourish the baby’s scalp.

Clear Baby Shampoo2022-10-21T15:19:56+02:00

Air on hair

A lightweight, precious hair oil treatment for fine hair that controls frizz and promotes shine.

Air on hair2021-12-17T11:09:38+01:00

Diamond hair serum

A precious serum that helps hair look thicker, stronger and hydrated. To be used before styling without rinsing.

Diamond hair serum2021-12-17T11:07:08+01:00

Essence hair oil

An oil for all types of dull hair looking for shine. It is designed to bring deep nourishment and soft protection, improving hair brightness.

Essence hair oil2021-03-31T09:18:35+02:00

Revitalizing hair spray

A style and finishing fresh spray lotion to improve hair softness and hydration while performing a toning and strengthening action. Use it both on wet or dry hair.

Revitalizing hair spray2019-08-06T18:20:26+02:00

Damaged hair leave-on treatment

This mild and gentle leave-on conditioner is a perfect mask to repair tangled post-shower, frizzy and dry hair. With a faint touch, it's easy to use for a hair recovery treatment. Apply preferably on wet hair.

Damaged hair leave-on treatment2019-08-06T16:37:07+02:00

Protective hair conditioner

This hydrating and protective conditioner will bring your hair back to life as it restores moisture to dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. It leaves hair smooth and soft while keeping it healthy even after drying.

Protective hair conditioner2019-08-07T09:15:57+02:00

Milky bath oil

A gentle soap-free cleanser especially formulated for delicate and sensitive skins, which gently cleanses, lipid-replenishes and soothes. It leaves a pleasant soft after feel.

Milky bath oil2019-07-31T14:55:47+02:00