Curly Dream Cowashing

Innovative formula that combines the washing action of a shampoo together with pleasant conditioning treatments. It helps to increase hair manageability with a visible purifying action.

Curly Dream Cowashing2022-10-21T16:10:41+02:00

Air on hair

A lightweight, precious hair oil treatment for fine hair that controls frizz and promotes shine.

Air on hair2021-12-17T11:09:38+01:00

Grooming Beard Balm

Cuddle your beard with this balm, a non-greasy, quickly absorbed formulation with softening and moisturizing properties. This ultra-nourishing formulation fights dryness, flaking and itching giving you a perfect appearance and making you feel in the best shape.

Grooming Beard Balm2020-10-22T10:57:42+02:00

Nourishing hair elixir

This natural product in drops will leave your hair soft and beautiful. It’s the perfect aid for glossy and well-hydrated hair. You can apply it both on wet and dry hair.

Nourishing hair elixir2019-12-05T15:22:16+01:00

Don’t despair, repair your hair

A nourishing daily conditioner that keeps hair smooth and shiny and replenishes your scalp. An infusion of softness, and manageability for your hair.

Don’t despair, repair your hair2021-01-27T15:31:08+01:00

Vitaminic hair & body oil

This luxurious vitaminic oil scents hair and skin, while a restorative synergy of nourishing oils, imparts a satin glow and silk-finish softness.

Vitaminic hair & body oil2019-10-29T16:05:21+01:00

Low shampoo

Let yourself be surprised by this new shampooing formula which does not foam! It protects hair integrity leaving it silky and soft, visibly more beautiful. Apply on wet hair, spread the product with your fingers from the roots to the ends, rub gently, then rinse thoroughly.

Low shampoo2019-08-06T16:05:18+02:00

Revitalizing hair spray

A style and finishing fresh spray lotion to improve hair softness and hydration while performing a toning and strengthening action. Use it both on wet or dry hair.

Revitalizing hair spray2019-08-06T18:20:26+02:00

Creamy silk conditioner

This luxurious conditioner detangles and helps restore a healthy look to hair, leaving it smooth and shiny without weighing it down.

Creamy silk conditioner2019-08-06T18:19:25+02:00

Curl defining cream

A styling and conditioning product for all curl types that activates and defines curls while fighting frizz. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a generous amount to damp hair, then dry.

Curl defining cream2019-08-06T16:14:10+02:00