Paris, 5-6 November, Paris Marriott Champs-Élysées

On November 5-6, ROELMI HPC is participating to Sustainable Cosmetic Summit 2019, event organized by Ecovia Intelligence, a specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on global ethical product industries. The Paris Marriott Champs-Élysées hotel will be the stage for key stakeholders in the beauty industry, including cosmetic manufacturers, ingredient & raw material suppliers, retailers & distributors.

The exhibition goal is to put an emphasis on the sustainability topic inside beauty industries and make a step ahead in the eco-conscious game in order to become green (or greener). We know that even a small change could have a considerably impact on the environment.

ROELMI HPC is Silver sponsor for the event and will be pleased to invite you to the speech made by Mrs. Marine Capron scheduled on Tuesday, 5th of November at 11:05 am. Mrs. Capron will give you an overview on key principles of circular economy with a particular focus on New Olive-Based Skincare Ingredients.

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Based on Non Edible Food Ingredient Sources and through only soft mechanical processes, ROELMI HPC is promoting the Nature’s benefits taking care of sustainable development. From historic Italian experience in high-quality olive cultivations to their cosmetic benefits, ROELMI HPC supports the development of an ethical supply network, promoting sustainability with a 100% natural vegetal base.

Selected high-quality olive fractions are coming from a transparent and traceable supply chain, where only soft technologies that maintain a natural profile are involved.

The result is Olifeel® Line: a range of flawless substances obtained from Olea Europaea, highly purified to reach specific cosmetic functions. Based on specific technologies, these ingredients are the result of a selective research on olive benefits; high-technology lipophilic purified ingredients compose them.

By isolating purified fractions, each element of the line results in such purity that allows formulators to work with complete freedom in choosing a natural ingredient for its chemical, versatility of functional or biological applications. Olifeel® Line is composed by: