From June 17 to 19 the seventh edition of the Skin Summer School 2019 will be held in Pavia.
The international event promoted by the University of Pavia will be an opportunity to address the issue of the efficacy of cosmetic products: from evaluation to communication.
The focus of the school will be on the scientific evidence supporting a product claim and to discuss and address the hottest issues of the moment.
The three days will involve cosmetic companies, suppliers, specialists and the world of research, creating new opportunities for sharing and networking.
The lessons will be held both by experts from the academic world and from the corporate world and will include two workshops to stimulate debate among the participants, all in English.

Main focuses will be:

  • Regulatory Framework in cosmetics
  • Content-container interactions in cosmetics
  • Nail products and testing
  • Hair and eyelash products and testing
  • Prebiotics or probiotics in cosmetics
  • Aesthetic technologies
  • New Claims: antipollution, multifunctional preservatives, food waste and byproducts
  • Social media communication & Brand strategy

Moreover, Mr Andrea Maltagliati, Market Manager Personal Care, will participate as a Panelist with two lectures:
Sunscreen safety: “Celus-Bi Feel an innovative sustainable ingredient that reduces the sunscreen permeation”
Biotech: “PrincipHYAL. Hyaluronan 2.0 the new biotech generation: safety and efficay proven at every bacth