Our team is more than delight to welcome you at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2019 on booth #554 to show our expertise. Based on innovation driven technologies we are offering a wide range of Functional and Active ingredients, together with a strong knowledge in Formula Development and Formula Protection.

Come and visit us to discover how to accelerate innovation by choosing the ethical alternative and anticipating future regulation:

CELUS-Bi® Feel: alternative to plastic microbeads
Technological sensorial sphere. The unique solution to formulate eco-sustainably in leave-on (skin care and color cosmetics), replacing standard plastic microbeads. Being the ethical alternative to standard powder, CELUS-Bi® Feel represents the eco-friendly solution for formulators looking at Zero Impact.

AECTive®: balancer for skin microbiota
AECTive® is an innovative pure molecule, coming from cutting-edge biofermentation technology. It is able to balance skin micro-environment, maintaining the ideal conditions for the skin microbiome to survive, proliferate and protect the skin. Therefore, AECTive® demonstrates a protective effect for skin.

Olifeel® Pearls: from nature to ethical cosmetics
From historic Italian experience in high quality olive cultivations, a 100% natural gelling and texturing agent as alternative to beeswax for consistency agent for sustainable cosmetics. Olifeel® Pearls, is based on non-edible olive fractions and comes through only soft mechanical processes.

Moreover, Mrs Federica Carlomagno, R&D Manager, will participate as a Panelist in the Microbiome track, sponsored by HAPPI, on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 from 11:50AM to 12:20AM