ROELMI HPC is proud supporter at the European edition of Probiota 2019. Join us in Copenhagen from 13 to 15 February. These 3 days of presentations will combine the latest insights from science, regulation and business. The aim of the event is to provide you with the ultimate research in the fields of probiotics, prebiotics and the microbiome.
Here the abstract of the work that will be presented at the conference: “Exploring new applications on microbiota: orally administered multispecies probiotic formulations to interact in a positive way with the gut-skin-brain axis”.

Objective. This study aims to assess the ability of two orally administrated multispecies probiotic formulations to exert positive influence on two different pathways strictly correlated to the existence of a gastrointestinal equilibrium: healthy skin and balanced cognitive function.

Methods. Excellent results obtained from in-vitro models represent the basis for a clinical trial on humans, targeting a new era on microbiota. Two different clinical trials are ongoing to evaluate the improvement of atopic skin conditions and the effect on cognitive functions and stress management after oral intake of specific probiotic supplementations.

To evaluate skin health effectiveness, 80 males and females (randomized as 40 actives / 40 placebo), 18 – 50 years old, have been involved for 8 weeks (56d) of products use, then 4 weeks (30d) of follow up. Subjects have been recruited as per the presence of atopic dermatitis with skin characterized by dryness, desquamation, erythema and itching symptoms.
Measured parameters: SCORAD, skin tolerability, complexion evenness, moisturizing and Trans Epidermal Water loss and cytokine expression over skin-stripped samples.

To evaluate the stress management effectiveness, 60 males and females (randomized as 30 actives / 30 placebo) university students, will be recruited because affected by stress during the exams period and will be involved for 4-5 weeks (30d) of products use. Measured parameters: attention, memory, executive performance, perceived stress level, salivary cortisol & skin conductance and fecal samples for microbiome analysis.

Results. Following an in-vitro screening on antimicrobial activity, self-production of B-group vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties and the inhibition of epigenetic enzyme LSD1 and promotion of GABA secretion at neuronal level, a selection of the most performing strains for both applications has been determined. Preliminary clinically results demonstrated the capacity of probiotic complexes to counteract atopic skin related discomfort, also representing an interesting insight of probiotic influence on cognitive health.

Conclusion. This work provides the basis for a further investigation about the role of a daily probiotic supplementation in skin & brain health. All data reported above are carried out within SCIDA project (ID 226149) founded by Lombardy Region (Italy) in partnership with Italian excellence for pharmaceutical market and biotechnology.

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