Launched in 1989, the biennial, global “Probiotics, Prebiotics & New Foods” conference has been held in Rome, at the prestigious Università Urbaniana. Established and developed over the past twenty years from the firm belief that probiotics provide health benefits on the host, which today is a notion stated in literature and widely accepted by esteemed researchers.

Numerous recent metagenomic studies have provided information on the composition of microbiota in healthy and sick individuals. A high diversity of microbiota is generally held to be associated with a healthy state. Whereas, a loss in such diversity is often associated with an illness: It is worth noting, that over 25 illnesses have been related to an altered microbiota state.
As the conference has evolved and new studies and research have come to light, the topics have been extended to cover other related areas in the science of Probiotics and Prebiotics, such as nutraceuticals and botanicals.

The 2019 10th Edition of the conference will continue to explore the latest probiotics and prebiotics R&D, innovative product development strategies including regulatory considerations and commercialization strategies, all of which are of significant interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

Over 5,000 people from diverse backgrounds have attended previous editions. These have included; GPs, clinicians, microbiologists, biologists, virologists, veterinary surgeons, dieticians, nutritionists and researchers. Industry representatives from the areas of marketing, legal and R&D have also participated. The wide array of people from around the globe has provided stimulating input not only from a medical perspective, but also from a social perspective.

We are excited to be there with a lecture “Microbiomes and dysbiosis: new approaches for Health & Personal Care” and look forward to welcoming you to Rome for what promises to be a most fruitful and successful experience.

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