On November 21th and 22th, ROELMI HPC welcomed its partners at Making Cosmetics 2018 and In-Vitality 2018.
During these two days full of meetings, we had the opportunity to meet partners all over the world interested in discovery how to make sustainability real.

Following our NIP® program, that drives our R&D of active and functional ingredients, a new ingredients has been presented:

AECtive: a revolutionary active ingredient for personal care

Thanks to our long-term experience and knowledge on biofermentation technology, we selected specific bacterial strain able to act as A balancer of skin microbiota.
Independent from singular human microbiota composition, this innovation is able to be effective on whatever skin type, as its first target is the skin microenvironment and not the single probiotic species.
ÆCTive allows a better environment on the skin, which is the basic aspect for a good growth of skin microbiota.
Morover, we participated with two different lectures:
Sustainability evidences through partnerships based on the circular economy by Mrs Federica Carlomagno, R&D Manager
Brain-skin gut axis: exploring new microbiome applications by Dr Cristiana Piangiolino, Market Manager, Nutraceutical & Food