Leading company: Sanofi
Financial sustain: Lombardy Region (call P.O.R FESR 2014/2020 Asse I – Azione I.1b.1.3)

Scida SCIDA stands for “Studio e messa punto di nuovi prodotti pre- e probiotici per la prevenzione ed il trattamento di patologie infiammatorie quali la sindrome del Colon Irritabile e la Dermatite Atopica” that means a project aiming at the research and development of new pre- and pro-biotics for the prevention and the therapeutic treatment of inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis (AD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The project

The first aim of the project is to better understand the standard composition of gut microbiome in patients suffering of AD and IBS. A database coming from bibliographic information and studies made on patients from UNIMI and SACCO has been set up, in order to enlarge the partnership know-how.

Starting from the database a series of in vitro test and pilot-clinical trials were done by industrial partners in order to select the best probiotic strains and vegetal extracts to treat inflammation and balancing gut-microbiome. These phase set the base for the development of 2 new, complete food supplements containing pre and probiotics for the treatment of IBS and AD.

Within the project, ROELMI HPC has worked on new, innovative applications of probiotics, further than the gut inflammation and the gut-skin axis.

probiotics probioplus 4 food

Since intestinal dysbiosis often causes a systemic inflammation that can lead to disturbs in different body districts, SynBalance strains have been tested for other disorders related to gut microbiome imbalance. For example, disturbances in the balance of the skin microbiota are often linked to dysfunctions in the communication between the gut microbiota and the brain. This is known as the gut-brain axis. In this context, in vitro investigations on the stimulation of serotonin, GABA and LSD1 production have been carried out. From this screening in vivo studies related to sleeping/mood disorders and changes in cognitive functions of students under stress have been carried out. Furthermore, an additional clinical trial has been conducted on acne disease, to confirm the interaction of SynBalance® with the gut-skin axis, beyond AD application. 

Finally, since conditions related to IBS can include in addition to the classic abdominal symptoms, also diseases of the urogenital tract, in vitro tests were performed on the possible urogenital implications of IBS, evaluating the antimicrobial activity of the strains on pathogens related to prostatitis.

All these screenings have been used for the development of new application of SynBalance® probiotics, with the creation of new synergies among strains.

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