• Leading company: ROELMI HPC
  • Title: BIOBEAUTY – Sviluppo di filiere naturali e sostenibili per l’industria cosmetica e nutraceutica
  • Date: June 2020 – June 2021


BIOBEAUTY project aims at providing a new life to the main by-products of the Lombardy agro-food industry (i.e. tomato seeds and peels, rice starch, grape pomace…) that are classified as industrial waste while still being rich in active molecules (i.e. lycopene, resveratrol, peptides…).

Thanks to the fermentation of those by-products through ROELMI HPC registered strains of probiotics, the company will develop a process to obtain high added-value ingredients both for the cosmetic and the nutraceutical markets.​

The context

The idea behind the project, is to create a circular economy model of ethical supply chain, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) declared by ONU in the AGENDA 2030. Especially, the second goal (ZERO HUNGER) has been the driving force to avoid competition with the food chain while favouring its by-products to develop innovative ingredients for secondary uses. By this way, it is possible to create sustainable supply chains starting from food production, reducing the production of waste.

Under the new Green Deal program, which will be the driving force for at least the next 10 years’ innovation, the fermentation technology to recover by-product from the agro-food production is a milestone for ROELMI HPC and the development of new ingredients. Recognized as easily industrialisable and with a wide range of possible results in terms of new development, fermentation is also seen as one of the most interesting technologies to be used in different markets for its low impact on the environment and safety on people.

Project work packages

The project consists of five Work Packages (WP) for a total duration of 12 months.

WP1 concerns the development of a supply chain and the regulatory aspect for every by-products of the different biomass (tomato, grapevine, rice, …).

WP2 refers to the fermentation of the biomass through different strains (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium,…) in order to obtain a standardized ingredients that will be fully characterized during WP3 to better understand their best health and care application. 

Life Cycle Assessment, mainly related to tomato supply chain, will be subject of the WP4.

WP5 is related to the communication task at all level (Social media, Trade show,…).

Main results expected

ROELMI HPC, within BIOBEAUTY project, aims at creating new know-how about the fermentation technology, exploring cutting-edge processes for the development of innovative ingredients in the cosmetic and nutraceutical markets.
Especially, the following Deliverables have been planned: