Privacy Report

In accordance with article 13 of the UE 679/2016 regulation

Dear Candidate,
ROELMI HPC SRL, Data controller, is committed to the protection of the Personal Data entrusted to it, therefore, their management and safety of data are guaranteed with the utmost care, correctness, lawfulness and transparency, in accordance with the requirements of EU Regulation 679/2016.
Furthermore, in accordance with art. Art. 111-bis (information in case of receipt of curricula) of the Legislative Decree no.196/2003, the information of which at article 13 of the regulation, in cases where curricula are spontaneously sent by people to establish a job relationship, will be further incorporated at the moment of the first useful contact, following the submission of the curriculum itself. Within the limits of the purposes referred to in article 6, paragraph 1, letter b), of the Regulation, consent of the treatment of personal data in the curricula is not due.
This report, illustrates the purposes we might use your data for, how we manage them, who we might communicate them to, where they might be transferred to and which Your rights are.


ROELMI HPC, via Celeste Milani 24/26, Origgio (VA) – 21042 Italy, is the data controller.
Its contact information are the following:
t. +39 0233510150
f. +39 0233549210
e-mail: [email protected]


ROELMI HPC srl will use your data in order to develop the activity of personnel research and selection, even for positions different to that you spontaneously applied for; to manage the applications in response to the job offers posted on our website; to manage the spontaneous applications sent at the e-mail [email protected]; for the eventual instauration of a job relationship.
Data will mostly be managed in a computerized way by people authorized to the treatment of personal data.


ROELMI HPC srl will carry out the treatment:

  • On the basis of your consent (in the hypothesis that in your CV there are sensitive data/ particular categories of data)
  • Because it is necessary for the contract fulfillment (for example predisposition and execution of the job contract)
  • Because the treatment is necessary in order to pursue a legitimate interest (for example safety and protection of the company’s patrimony, prevention from fraud, safeguard of strategic interests and relative commercial relations, safeguard of the company’s goods of client companies)


It follows that the provision of personal data is mandatory for the finalities reported above.
The eventual partial or total lack of provision of data will imply the partial or total impossibility of reaching the said finalities.
We will not use your data for different or further finalities that those descripted in this very regulation, unless previously informing you and, where necessary, obtaining your consent.
Once consent is obtained, we also reserve ourselves the possibility to obtain references from subjects you may indicate in your application.
We inform you, therefore, that your personal data will be treated using tools and procedures suitable to guarantee the maximum security and confidentiality, through archives and paper supports, with the aid of digital media, IT and telematic means.
However, you are entitled to exercise the right of opposition that, in the absence of your indication to the contrary, will be referred to both traditional and automated communications.


Your personal data will be stored, starting from their receiving/update, for a maximum period of 24 months for the management of the application (except for different dispositions of the law, which foresees superior periods). After this period, they will be erased.
If, on the contrary, it might create a working relationship with you, your personal data will be saved, starting from their receipt, for an appropriate period in respect of the finality of the treatment above.
The data will also be treated by properly trained people within ROELMI HPC srl’s office, who operate in quality of data treatment authorized personnel.


For the purposes of which at point 1, as part of the research and selection activity, as well as for the application’s management, your data might be shared with the companies controlled by or related to ROELMI HPC with headquarters both in European and extra European countries, in respect of your rights and of the assurances foreseen by the law.
Moreover, your data may be communicated to:

  • a. Control body, inspectorate, activity verification institutions, inspection and control.
  • b. Police, judiciary authorities or other subjects or public organizations for prevention, assessment or infraction repression purposes.

In the above-mentioned cases a and b, it is not necessary to have your consent because of the compulsory nature of the communications that occur under laws or regulations.


On the basis of the regulation you will be able to exercise the following rights:

  • Right of access: You have the right to access your personal data, which are being processed in order to verify if your data are processed in accordance with the law
  • Right of correction: You have the right to obtain the correction of any inaccurate or incomplete information, in order to guarantee the accuracy of such information based on the purposes of the processing
  • Right of cancellation: You have the right to request cancellation of your personal data at any time
  • Right of limitation of the Treatment: You have the right to request limitations on the treatment of your data
  • Right of portability of data: You are entitled to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and automatically readable format and to transmit such data to another data controller
  • Right of opposition to the treatment: You have the right to object to the treatment of data in the cases foreseen by the GDPR, at any time and without having to justify your own decision
  • Right of not being object of automatized decision-making processes: You have the right not to be subjected to a decision based solely on an automated processing of your data, including profiling, which produces legal effects in your regards or that significantly affects your person

Lastly, you will have the right to propose complaint to the national control authority (guarantor of the privacy).
For further information on this information or on any privacy related subject, or if you wish to exercise your rights or withdraw your consent, you may address directly to the Data Controller by using the following contacts:
t. +39 0233510150
f. +39 0233549210
e-mail: [email protected]