Leave-on products alternatives

What if the puzzle of Eco-Alternative could be completed? European Commision is evaluating that in 4-6 years also leave-on products could be non intentionally added in cosmetic formulations. So…Why wait? The future is now, feel it! ROELMI HPC is proud of presenting Celus-BI® Feel, the result of a patented technology able to combine [...]

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Rinse-off products alternatives

Microplastic ban for rinse off products is almost here! Italy has notified the UE regulation that starting from January 2020 we will not find any microplastic ingredient in products that are directly washed off into the water supply network. And now, which is the eco-alternative? ROELMI HPC gave birth to CELUS-BI® LINE an [...]

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How the beauty industries face the microplastics issue?

Before the advent of the microplastics application in cosmetics, natural elements were used to pursue similar goal (just bear in mind apricot shells or jojoba beans) but several alternatives have been considered in all industrial markets: Cellulose and derivatives Starch based system Natural based modified polymers Clay based particles Polyesters Let’s take Cellulose as [...]

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Restriction of intentionally added microplastics

European Commission requested ECHA (European Chemical Agency) to assess a scientific evidence for taking regulatory action at European level on microplastics intentionally added to products of any kind. In January 2019 ECHA carried out a dossier proposing a wide ranging restriction and estimated to prevent the release of 400000 tonnes of microplastics over the 20-year [...]

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The plastic come back to you…how?

Think for a second about what you have eaten today. What if I told you that pieces of plastic might be in your list? Microplastics contained in cosmetic products are designed to get washed down the drain, but their tiny sizes do not allow them to be filtered out by water treatment plants; moreover, they [...]

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Why Cosmetic industries use microplastics?

Now that we know what microplastics are and how to recognize them, the arising question is: Why are they used? The cosmetics industry uses microplastics for a plenty of reasons: plastic particles are considered pleasant-feeling skin-scrubbers, their uniform size and appearance can make them less abrasive than natural alternatives - like Almond or Oats. [...]

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Microplastics in cosmetics

Do you know where the microplastics are? Microplastics are small and solid manufactured plastic particles; their size is less than 5mm and they don’t degrade or dissolve in water. Microplastics are intentionally added as ingredient in a variety of products: Rinse-off (facial soaps, body washes or toothpaste), Leave-on (suncare, skin [...]

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