Industrial ecology into everyday operations

The concept of sustainability has evolved over the years, shifting from a temporary or trend-driven notion with an "optional" integration character to an increasingly obligatory concept. At the same time, regulatory bodies, voluntary standardization bodies (e.g. ISO) and trade associations have increased the amount of laws, standards and guidelines in order to regulate or assist companies' activities in relation to sustainability aspects.

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Industrial ecology

In recent years, the beauty industry has experienced unprecedented growth. However, it is undeniable that the current environmental landscape presents a significant number of challenges for brands and manufacturers striving to reduce their impact on the planet by providing sustainable products.

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Skin Microbiota

The skin Microbiota is the set of all microorganisms that populate our skin and change in compositions during our life cycle. Chronic exposure throughout lifetime to UV rays, pollution and other substances negatively affects our skin microbiota. Our daily lifestyle can cause Dysbiosis to the population of our commensal bacteria, just think of too aggressive [...]

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