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  • Botanicals health claims: current and future perspectives

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    Botanicals are defined by the European Food Safety Authority...
  • How to re-discover the beauty of nature?

    Tech Press
    Recent years have seen an increase in awareness of climatic ...
  • Ener-GY plus: active ingredient for smiling beauty

    Tech Press
    The viability of skin cells is a highly significant factor i...
  • A sensorial beauty experience through senses and sustainability

    Tech Press
    at ROELMI HPC our mission is to empower the ecosystem by dev...
  • SelectSIEVE® OptiChol: From the heart of the olive tree a valid support for hypercholesterolemia

    Tech Press
    For decades it has been known that olive polyphenols (Olea e...
  • Ener-GY plus: a beauty-boosting skin energizer

    Tech Press
    Cellular energy plays an essential role in skin well-being a...