User-friendly ceramide from upcycled olives

12 09, 2023

Nature’s best for daily wellness


SelectSIEVE® Zen is designed to target conditions of stress and anxiety helping mental relaxation and mood improvement. It improves sleep quality and induces a sensation of peace of mind, while giving new energy to tackle every day’s difficulties.

Nature’s best for daily wellness2023-09-12T11:06:00+02:00
12 09, 2023

Full spectrum hyaluronans for gastroesophageal well-being and functionality


The full spectrum of hyaluronans developed by ROELMI HPC, ExceptionHYAL® Relief, offers itself as a valid proposal in the treatment of symptoms related to gastroesophageal reflux, such as acid regurgitation, heartburn and indigestion, after meals or in subjects with symptoms related to reflux esophagitis.

Full spectrum hyaluronans for gastroesophageal well-being and functionality2023-09-12T10:53:27+02:00
5 09, 2023

Cosmetorium 2023


Cosmetorium, the premier event for the cosmetics and personal care industry, is back in 2023 in the amazing Barcelona! This annual gathering of beauty professionals, scientists, and industry leaders promises to be a captivating showcase of the latest trends, innovations, and breakthroughs in the world of cosmetics.

Cosmetorium 20232023-09-05T10:46:13+02:00
4 09, 2023

Beyond Ordinary: Transforming the Panel Test Experience


R&D, marketing and business intelligence activities are intertwined in a dense web of interactions. Sensory analysis is proving to be an extremely important element in the design phase of the ingredient itself and, consequently, in the creation of a finished cosmetic product

Beyond Ordinary: Transforming the Panel Test Experience2023-09-04T17:18:36+02:00
1 09, 2023

Mulberry-sage dietary supplement: Nutraceutical ingredients for Weight Management


Overweight and obesity have become global health concerns, with rising prevalence rates over the past few decades. These conditions have significant health implications that can impact nearly every system in the human body.

Mulberry-sage dietary supplement: Nutraceutical ingredients for Weight Management2023-09-01T10:05:07+02:00
28 08, 2023

Recharging the skin’s natural ecosystem


One of the main causes of skin aging is due to loss of energy in cells. Lots of factors can compromise the skin’s energy, but the primary and major causal factors are ageing and environment. Those factors can lead skin cells to lose vigor and therefore, their ability to turnover resulting in dull and tired complexion.

Recharging the skin’s natural ecosystem2023-08-28T15:07:59+02:00
7 08, 2023

Vitafoods Asia 2023


Vitafoods Asia is ready to start the party in Bangkok and online! The annual trade show and exhibition dedicated to the nutraceutical, functional food, and beverage industries in the Asia-Pacific region exchange knowledge, and foster business relationships

Vitafoods Asia 20232023-08-07T13:48:28+02:00