Kosmetica – Essenziale

18 06, 2024

Kosmetica – Essenziale


The event titled Essenziale, organized by the magazine Kosmetica, will be held as usual in June, specifically on the morning of Thursday, June 20, 2024, in Milan, at the Sheraton San Siro Hotel.

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11 06, 2024

Industrial ecology into everyday operations


The concept of sustainability has evolved over the years, shifting from a temporary or trend-driven notion with an "optional" integration character to an increasingly obligatory concept. At the same time, regulatory bodies, voluntary standardization bodies (e.g. ISO) and trade associations have increased the amount of laws, standards and guidelines in order to regulate or assist companies' activities in relation to sustainability aspects.

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30 05, 2024

Upcycling beauty: a beacon of sustainability-driven innovation


In a world where environmental consciousness is no longer a choice but a responsibility, the cosmetics industry finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the need for sustainable solutions amidst the challenges posed by traditional ingredient exploration.

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30 05, 2024

Vibrant Natural Beauty: A Complete 360-Degree Experience


The global beauty market has been experiencing extremely high growth in recent years. Skin care and its imperfections are garnering great interest nowadays, as they significantly influence many aspects of people's lives such as appearance, in terms of perceived age, charm, health, and youthfulness.

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27 05, 2024

Hi & Fi Asia-China 2024


Hi & Fi Asia-China, one of the most anticipated events in the food and health ingredients industry warm up the engines.With a bustling atmosphere and a myriad of innovative products on display, the exhibition promises to be a hotspot for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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